VinEdge – Green


The Perfect Wine Preserver. Simply insert and pour to preserve your favorite bottle of red or white wine until the last drop.

  • Automatic Oxygen Barrier.
  • No Pump. No Mess.
  • Simple & Easy to Use.
  • Extends the life of wine!
  • FDA approved.

Includes 10 VinSerts and a base for the pour spout when not in use.



VinEdge is an ideal solution for wine enthusiasts who wish to savor the taste and freshness of wine. VinEdge is made up of a no-drip pour spout and a disposable tube that is inserted after opening a bottle of wine. As the wine is poured, the tube inflates in the bottle, creating an oxygen barrier and blocking air from touching the wine to prevent spoilage. Once the entire bottle has been enjoyed, the pour spout is removed, leaving the detachable tube in the bottle for easy cleanup.


  • 10 VinSert inflatable tubes
  • A base for the pour spout when not in use.


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