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How It Works

The Perfect Wine Preserver. Unlike other wine preservers that try to get air out of the bottle after you pour, VinEdge prevents air from penetrating wine while you pour. 


After opening a bottle of red or white wine, simply assemble and insert VinEdge into the bottle. As you pour, its unique air intake system will automatically inflate,  providing an automatic oxygen barrier. As a result, wine is protected from air – preserving its flavor and aroma until the last drop.  After the last glass is poured, simply leave the disposable VinSert in the finished bottle to recycle. Remove the pour spout and rinse under water before opening your next bottle, and inserting a fresh VinSert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is VinEdge different than other wine preservers? 
VinEdge is the easiest and simplest wine preservation product on the market!

  • No expensive device that is difficult to attach
  • No vacuum device to attach
  • No pumping needed to pump air from the bottle
  • No sprays with argon, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide needed to remove oxygen

How long does it keep wine fresh?
VinEdge preserves both red and white wine for 3-7 days!

Does it work with both red and white wines?

Does the type of cork matter?

Does VinEdge fit on most bottles?

How do I clean it? 
VinEdge is dishwasher safe, but it’s best to simply rinse it under the tap and let it dry before the next use.

Is the bag safe?
Yes. It is FDA approved as well.