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Our Story

“When I pour a glass of wine, I slow down. Simply put, wine is one of the few things I do not rush. Because of this, conversations are better, thoughts are more present, and life is the way it should be – if only for a little while.” -Dr. Tim Dziuk, Inventor/Owner

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We started on this journey because my wife and I believe wine is one of the everyday joys of life – an experience that should be slowed down, relaxed and shared with friends & family. VinEdge was born from our own frustrations over the past decades with expensive and difficult to use wine preservation systems on the market, and not being able to savor a bottle of wine for longer than 1 day due to spoilage.

Having tried everything  – vacuum pumps, inert gas sprays, continuous vacuum devices, etc., with unsatisfactory results, I was inspired to develop a better product for wine preservation that could be used both in-home and commercially.  With VinEdge, placed when the bottle is first opened, we are no longer discarding wines, and I am more comfortable opening better wines, since I know they will last.

VinEdge is not just about enjoying and preserving wine. It’s about enjoying and preserving moments too – whatever they may be. It’s a sensual experience, not just for our palettes, but for the moments we enjoy. The air we breathe. The things we see or feel. All while savoring a bottle of wine until the last drop.

Cheers to good times and good wine! 

Drs. Tim and Patricia Dziuk