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If you aged as quickly as a bottle of opened wine does, you would notice a difference too. Luckily you don’t, but you can preserve the life of your wine and enjoy it longer with VinEdge.

Pour like a Connoisseur



You no longer have to decide whether to open a bottle of wine, because you may not finish it in one sitting. Nor are you forced to! VinEdge allows you to enjoy your wine at your leisure, so you can savor it until the last drop.


Wine Tastings

Some people are super tasters, which means they can tell if a bottle of wine is past its prime – even 6 hours after opening it! With VinEdge, each sip will taste as good as the first no matter how many hours have gone by.



Sell more expensive wines by the glass without sacrificing the whole bottle. VinEdge allows you to serve more fine wine without worrying about spoilage – a treat for all wine enthusiasts to enjoy!