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As the ultimate and affordable wine preservation system, VinEdge is perfect for bars, restaurants, wine tastings, wineries, wine/kitchen stores and boutique shops. Contact us for pricing and more information. We look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!


“We tried all the other wine preservers on the market, but VinEdge worked the best and outperformed them – even with our rarest wine – so we are a loyal VinEdge customer now!”
Darcie Heyes, The Wine Rack, Ventura, CA

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“We have been using VinEdge for the past year in our establishment. It has worked great!  Our customers are more satisfied and our open bottles of wine are now preserved and we are able to maximize our revenue instead of pouring spoiled wine (and dollars) down the sink.  I highly recommend any restaurant, bar, or nightclub to use VinEdge and turn wasted wine from open bottles into revenue.  Using VinEdge is the best “insurance policy” on the market for maintaining a high quality “wine by the glass” offering.”
Chris Spencer, Bar Manager, Wood Fire Trattoria, Dowagiac, MI
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